Franz Laage

2023 / Oct 14 / 15:04 CEST

Found this one hiding under my bed (my bookmarks folder): How To Like Things. A pleasant explainer how you go about liking things. Why would you want to like new things? How do you go about? Finding joy in the things you don’t like (but want to). I even got a personal example related to the previous post on Java: While I never liked Java, I learnt to appreciate it. Not for its verbosity, not for its build system, not for Spring but for its ubiquity. It’s literally everything, especially at Spotify. I can ask about a thousand colleagues if I have an issue with it. I can read and understand another team’s code, heck, even help them fix a bug. The barrier is just so fricking low. That’s how I like Java. (And how it’s such an huge enabler for Clojure).

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