Franz Laage

2023 / Nov 19 / 07:25 CET

I’m taking another stab at Hades, a rogue-like from Supergiant Games. Before that, I played a bunch of Dead Cells. With over a hundred hours on both games, I’m allowing myself a little comparison: They’re both extraordinary if you're into the genre at all. Dead Cells is a little less casual, especially if you consider all the DLCs. It becomes overwhelming when you come back to it after a longer break. All the little decisions that go into your build increase significantly with each extension. It’s also more demanding in terms of mechanics. Enemies punish you hard when you do screw up those mechanics. On the other hand, the game is much more rewarding when you succeed. Hades has all these aspects, but tuned down. It’s perfect for an hour or so in the evening. Its pace is more forgivable. You don’t have to clear all the floors flawlessly to have a realistic chance at succeeding at your run. Both games are great on the Steam Deck, I haven’t turned on my Windows PC this month.

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