Franz Laage

2023 / Jul 10 / 21:27 CEST

Last week, I read three interesting pieces describing how automation through technology affects jobs. “Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? The History and Future of Workplace Automation” from 2015 looks at the history of automation. It mentions ML only in passing. Otherwise, it goes very deep into affected jobs and skills. First time hearing about job polarisation, where mid-skilled jobs are substituted by tech. Moreover, my first encounter with the lump of labour fallacy. “AI and the automation of work” acts as the perfect segue to the latter piece. It, too, goes into the history of automation, but details LLMs and AGI specifically. “Why customers don’t want chatbots” finally adds a bit of product and UX perspective to the mix. The author warns that most of the chatbot hype is on the business side, while nobody is looking at the need of the customer.

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