Franz Laage

2023 / Aug 02 / 19:50 CEST

I found an unexpected yet fascinating read this weekend: A book review of Kieran Egan‘s The Educated Mind. In the book, Egan outlines his vision for a revamped education system. His primary critique on the status quo is that it ignores what students at a particular are naturally good at. He argues that kids in the elementary age are good at understanding stories, metaphors, binaries and jokes. We should use those as tools for teaching. In middle school, extremes, gossip, heroes and idealism join the party. High school students are eager to look at the big „simple“ questions, come up with general schemes, find their place in the world and seek certainty. I haven’t thought about education a lot, but that piece had me on the hook. It’s about a two hour read and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

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